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Uprooting Bias Online Challenge

Uprooting Bias Online Challenge is a 9-lesson learning tool that helps employers train and assess team members. It measures employee readiness while also providing basic DEI training. The results not only help inform strategies for building an organization’s capacity to advance DEI, but they also set employees up to successfully engage in their own DEI growth journey.

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Authentically Transforming the Narrative

Our beliefs and biases are rooted in narratives - the stories we tell ourselves and the stories we hear from others help us make sense of a complex, changing world. Therefore, it's essential to recognize the narratives that govern our society when advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion. We must understand their impact, examine how we may be perpetuating inequitable narratives, and work to transform the story to tell a more holistic, authentic, and equitable tale grounded in the voices of those most impacted by inequities.

In this course, you will learn to recognize the impact of familiar dominant narratives, apply a nondominant-centered approach to build buy-in for DEI efforts, and practice developing a narrative using your own story.

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